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The Malibu Difference

Despite Malibu Boats' industry leading stats, we gauge success by the level of satisfaction our boat owners enjoy.
The Malibu Boats ownership experience is not about a list of awards, a bottom line or spreadsheet data; it's about Malibu boat owners.
We don't build boats the easy way, we build them the best way, and we don't go the extra mile in customer service because it's easy.
We do it because it's the right thing to do and it directly benefits our customers.


Journalists have tried to write it. Other companies have tried to recreate it. Competitors have tried to downplay it. 
The culture of Malibu Boats is a unique and wonderful thing. It is an environment of family that lends itself to extreme amounts of fun and innovation.

It's who we are.

 Malibu Boats | Proudly Handcrafted in Australia


Malibu Boats Australia

Located in South Eastern New South Wales in the City of Albury, Malibu Boats PTY LTD, has been building premium quality American designed ski boats in Australia since 1995.

Driven by the desire to produce something of much higher quality and performance than was available at the time, Xavier West, approached Malibu in the USA about his ambitious dream. A meeting with Malibu President Robert Alkema was arranged in California and shortly thereafter, an agreement was reached to build their boats in Australia.

West wanted to build the best boats in the country, and provide water ski enthusiast with new, state of the art, modern designs that were of a much higher quality than anything else available. This has proven to be a master stroke as Malibu leads the industry with the creation of new and innovative designs like our V25 Wake and Cut Diamond hulls, our Frameless Vented Windscreen and the patented Power Wedge which have helped make Malibu Boats the most popular and desirable family tow boats in Australia today.


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